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Multiple Teams · PC Spoils Villa Rica’s Homecoming

 Paulding County spoiled Villa Rica’s homecoming winning 31-24.

The Patriots started the scoring with a field goal and a touchdown pass from Brantley

Mauldin (20-28 275 yards 2 touchdowns) to Jacob Fountain (first Varsity touchdown).

Fountain, made a stellar catch in the back of the endzone.  Villa Rica responded with a 5-

yard run that cut PC’s lead to 10-7 towards the end of the first quarter. Freshman Smael

Mondon had a 2-yard rushing touchdown which widened the Patriots lead 17-7. Following

a Jayllen Wright interception, Brantley Mauldin threw a great pass to Tyron Summerour,

who extended for the touchdown. The Patriots now held a 24-7 lead over the Villa Rica

Wildcats. The Wildcats responded just before halftime with a 16-yard run. The third

quarter was quieter, as VR was the team to score with a one-yard touchdown run. This cut

the Patriots lead to 24-21. The Wildcats tied up the score in the fourth quarter, with a 35-

yard field goal kick. The game seemed likely to be going to overtime. The Patriots took

over on their own 11-yard line after the field goal. It was going to take a big effort to drive

the length of the field with such little time left. The Patriots were able to drive the length of

the field, with several big throws from Brantley Mauldin, and third down conversions. The

drive, and the win, was capped by a 6-yard touchdown run by Smael Mondon. Villa Rica

received the kickoff with less than a minute to go. The Patriots Defense, who only gave up

ten passing yards, successfully rushed the passer and pressured VR to seal the win. One

of the keys to the game was the punting of Tyron Summerour. He averaged 39 yards a

punt and flipped the field several times for the Patriots.

Players of the Week:

Offensive- WR Jason Ledford

Defensive- DE Brenton Ballard

Special Teams- Tyron Summerour