Patriots News · Meet Competition Cheer Coach Michelle Harris

PCHS welcomes Competition Cheer Coach Michelle Harris. Below is a section all about Coach Harris!!

My name is Michelle Harris and I am very excited to be a new teacher and coach here at PCHS! Here is a little bit of information about who I am. I just recently moved to Paulding County in June. I was born and raised in Henry County and I graduated from Locust Grove High School. I competitively cheered from ages 4-18 for both school and allstars. I was on track to cheer in college, but unfortunately suffered an injury that forced me to retire from cheerleading in November of my senior year. A few of the places I cheered at were Ola HS, Locust Grove HS, World Xtreme Allstars, NV Allstars, and United Storm Allstars. I continued my education at Georgia Southern University but decided to come home and finish my education as a transient student at Clayton State University and Gordon State University, and later graduated from GSU. Throughout college, I was an assistant Pre-K teacher at Luella Academy and I also ran the afterschool program there. I coached allstar cheerleading and gymnastics at World Xtreme as well. I started my student teaching at Locust Grove Middle School and finished it at Union Grove High School. I spent my first official few years at Eagle’s Landing High School teaching World and American Literature. I coached Varsity Football Cheerleading, Varsity Competition Cheerleading, and Varsity Gymnastics there as well. I am excited to start my journey here at PCHS as an English teacher and the Varsity Competition Cheerleading coach! I got engaged to my high school sweetheart in April, and we decided to move to Paulding County at the end of the school year to start our future lives together. We made this move because we wanted to be a part of a community that we trusted enough to raise our future children in. I am so excited about my future as a Patriot!